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Animal Rescue

My life's work as a Minister includes helping animals. This page is dedicated to creating a more humane community by making choices that promote the compassionate and responsible treatment of animals.


Did you find a Stray and can't find the owner nor continue to foster it? Contact your local animal control agency or rescue organization to receive assistance. Never assume a pet is abandoned or homeless. Most just wandered off from their homes and need to be reunited with their families. Make sure to have the pet scanned for a microchip and post a flyer on the Lost & Found pages.

Rehoming a Pet

Do you have pets you can no longer take care of? I can assist if you message me directly. Otherwise you can rehome your pets on this page.

Spay & Neuter

Would you like to care for unwanted dogs or cats? Sign up to be put on the caretaker list. You'll provide a temporary home (2 weeks max) to an animal in need.

Spay & Neuter

Puppies can start getting pregnant at 6 months old and kittens at 4 months old. We have a serious pet overpopulation crisis in the Central Valley, to which many of these unwanted pets are being born and given away at random or ending up at the shelter. Spaying and neutering will prevent the suffering of future offspring. Schedule an appointment with Fresno's low-cost clinic.


When you adopt from a shelter or rescue you save its life and make space for a new one to be accepted. Plus each pet already comes spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped! It's actually much cheaper to adopt than to buy a pet. Sadly many are euthanized in shelters if not adopted. Check out the SPCA's adoptable pets by clicking on the button below.

Dog Training
Husky Handshake

A well trained and socialized pet is more obedient, less likely to bite and a great companion for years to come. Here are some referrals to local dog trainers.

Vet List
Veterinarian with Dog

Click on the Vet button to open up a List of veterinarians around Fresno. The three clinics I recommend for low-cost vaccines, microchipping, spaying/neutering and minor health concerns are the Hope Foundation, CCSPCA, and Valley Animal Center.

Pet Sitter Fees.png

Thalia offers pet sitting services. Enjoy your vacation and know that your pets will be taken care of well.

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