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Event Coordination

This service is commonly known as “day of coordinating”, however in reality a month is needed to prepare and execute the event. The Coordinator needs to begin communicating and finalizing details a few weeks before the day to create the best experience for you on the day of the wedding. Thalia will manage your vendors, move the timeline along, provide personal assistance to both partners, direct guests, and assist in areas where temporary coverage is needed. She comes prepared with an Assistant and an Emergency Kit Box.

Decorating Wedding Table

Month of Coordination $1,700
(with Ceremony $2,000)

Management of Event

  • Booking meeting to go over the event logistics, provide vendor referrals, create a preliminary timeline and list of tasks that need to be completed.

  • Midway Thalia will check in to send reminders of what’s pending. 

  • Four weeks prior to the event, Thalia will do a venue walk-thru to create an event layout and collect vendor contracts.

  • Three weeks prior to the event, Thalia will finalize the timeline. She will create a plan for who will assist with the tasks not already covered by your vendor contracts. 

  • Two weeks prior to the event, Thalia will contact your vendors to ask additional questions about their services, arrival and departure times to meet the terms agreed upon as well as ensure they are in compliance with venue requirements. Seating chart to be finalized by this date.

  • The week of the event, Thalia will send out the timeline to all the vendors and conduct a Rehearsal to practice Ceremony and Grand Entrances.

  • On the day of the event, Thalia and her Assistant will provide 8.5 hours of onsite work.

Sample Coordinator Schedule on Event Day

8:00am Coordinator stays in direct communication with vendors for deliverables.

9:00am “ “

10:00am “ “

11:00am “ “

12:00pm Coordinator arrives at the venue and checks that vendors have delivered their supplies.

1:00pm If any remaining items need to be set up, the Coordinator will take care of it.

2:00pm Lay out the personal detailed items for the photographer’s pre-shoots.

3:00pm Assist wedding party with putting on their garments, boutonnieres, veil or lacing. 

4:00pm [Guest Invitation]

Check in with DJ about ceremony cues & sound

Line up the wedding party

Hand out bouquets, flower baskets, ring boxes, or other ceremony items to designated people.

Give marriage license to Officiant

Release the wedding party to enter the ceremony

4:30pm [Ceremony Starts] Prepare the drinks & appetizer tray for the wedding party

5:00pm [Ceremony Ends] Escort the wedding party to their break area to gather for photos while guests head to reception. Guide guests to cocktail/reception space.

[Start family Photo session] Pass out drinks/appetizers to the wedding party.

5:30pm [End Photo session] Line up wedding party for Grand Entrance to reception area.

5:30pm [Dinner Starts] Couple and vendor meals are passed out.

6:00pm Prepare toasts

6:30pm [Toasts] Calls the toasters over and hands them the mic

7:00pm [First dance] Prepare the cake cutting area and serving tray. Prepare the items for the special dances.

7:30pm [Cake cutting] Escort couple to cake cutting table

Ensure the cake is cut and plated for serving

8:00pm  [Money dance & games] Escort couple back to dancefloor to start performances

8:30pm  [Open dancing] Pack up the couple's personal items

9:00pm Coordinator leaves [dancing]

10:00pm [dancing]

11:00pm Music ends / Bar closes

11:00pm - 12:00am Venue cleaning

*This timeline is adjusted to your venue’s requirements, your personal needs, type of vendors and type of ceremony (church vs civil); the hours of work provided on wedding day can be adjusted.


Additional assistance may include…

Place linens on tables

Setup centerpieces

Setup plates, cups, napkins & silverware

Place cards, menus, table numbers, favors and programs 

Move ceremony decor to reception space for dual use

Pass out send-off items to guests (i.e sparklers, glow sticks, rose petals) 

Cake cutting & serving

Additional Considerations:

* For guest count of over 200, add $400. 

* Venue cleanup can be added for $250.

* Serving staff can be added for $25/hr per person. 


* Month of Coordination (aka Day of Coordinating) is not Design & Full Wedding Planning which is a start to finish process. Couple makes all final decisions, comes up with their own decorative ideas, chooses, hires, meets with and pays their own vendors. The Event Manager and her assistant provide the majority of their contracted work the month of the event. It also does not include heavy decorating (like ceiling drapery or floral arrangements) and moving of large equipment. The catering & venue team are responsible for handling food service duties and heavy cleaning duties (serving, clearing plates, moving tables & chairs, cleaning the facilities). 

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