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Ceremony Script, Cues & Tips

Ceremony Script, Cues & Tips

This ceremony template is ready to go for your wedding use. Once you purchase the document you'll get an email with the script. Customize the parts to fit your couple's preferences. Within the script you will be given instructions on what to do right before the ceremony, cues to provide the guests, the ceremony speech, and tips to have as a Wedding Officiant.


When I started as a Wedding Officiant I didn't have any of this info easily accessible. But now through my experience, I have developed a helpful guide for your upcoming ceremony!


Side Tip: If you would like to make your job easier, I can customize the script for you. I have a questionnaire link for you to share with your couple, that will provide me with everything I need to know about their ceremony to prepare the script. (+$30) 

Email me to process the customized script 

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