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Questions to Ask a Wedding Officiant Before Booking

The ceremony solidifies your union and kicks off your wedding celebration. Finding the right Wedding Officiant will ensure you have an enjoyable ceremony service by hiring a professional. Here’s a list of questions to ask an Officiant when meeting them for the first time.

• How long have you been performing weddings? What is your background?

• How long is a typical ceremony?

• What responsibilities do you take on as the officiant?

• Do you organize the wedding party the day of the ceremony or coordinate the rehearsal?

• Do you offer any flexibility within the ceremony format to meet our individual needs (i.e. music, readings, religious touches, or vows).

• Will I have input and/or be able to read the script beforehand?

• Do you have reviews I can read?

• Do you have sample wording/readings to show us?

• Do you have a video we can watch of you performing a ceremony?

• What items do you provide or use for the ceremony?

• What packages or other services do you offer?

• Do you offer any guidance on how to apply for a marriage license? Walk us through the name change process or how to obtain a certified copy of the marriage certificate?

Feel free to throw in an additional questions you have. And definitely read their reviews, browse their website and visit their social media pages. This is how you'll get an idea of their ceremony style or see if their personality meshes with yours.

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